I Need a Lion Tamer

As an undergrad, we had Mr. Everything in our fraternity. He was student body president and he went to bed after and got up before anyone else in the house he was so busy. He sketched out his schedule each week on a legal size piece of paper (he outgrew 8.5 x 11) and mapped out everything he had to do each week, assigning points to each task and requiring that he reach a certain amount of points each day. Sounds crazy, but he got a lot done.

I was teasing him about the excessive attention to detail once and he told me a little story. You know how lion tamers at the circus always carry a stool with them? And when the lion gets aggressive they put the stool in the face of the lion? Ever wondered how a silly stool could intimidate a big lion? Well, the reason it works, according to this guy at least, is that the lion sees all three legs coming at him at once and doesn’t know what to focus on, so it gives up.

The moral of the story is that we’re like this. If we see a bunch of things coming at us at once, we don’t know where to start and want to just give up and go take a nap. This is what I’ve been like the last few days. Too many things coming at me at once and I just keep stalling about getting going on any of it.