Palatino, URW Palladio & TrueType Fonts

In LaTeX, I like to use the Palatino font package, but I wanted to create a graphic to include in my LaTeX file that also used Palatino so it would match. However, I don’t have a Palatino regular OS X apps can use, and “Palatino” is actually not a free font. ((After some digging: apparently Palatino is included with the iLife apps though, which means you probably have it on any Mac anyway. In this case, I didn’t have it because I reinstalled the OS but not iLife.)) “Palatino” is also not really what you’re using either in LaTeX: it’s “URW Palladio,” a nearly identical font designed, in fact, by the exact same guy, Hermann Zapf. URW released URW Palladio, along with other fonts, under the GPL in 1996. However, if you just Google for “URW Palladio,” you find a bunch of sites trying to sell it to you. After digging around though, I found you can download TrueType versions of the font directly from Ghostscript’s Subversion Repository.