(Re)learning how to write

I spent the morning at a coffee shop on campus getting some diss writing done. It was about time.

In November and December, I was actually on a roll. Then the holidays happened and it all fell apart. On two occasions last week I sat down to write and accomplished virtually nothing each time. This is almost always the case after I’ve taken a break from writing. I’ve had enough up-and-down cycles like this in my life now to realize why, yet I still seem powerless to overcome the transition back into writing each time. Maybe if I type things up here it’ll speed the process along next time.

The biggest mistake I make? I get so stressed about how much I have to accomplish, about how much lost ground I have to make up, that I try to make it all up in one sitting. I procrastinate starting to write again until I have an entire day to dramatically set aside for “writing time.” Then I sit down, look over all that I have to do, and then I begin to feel extremely tired.

However, every time I’ve managed to overcome this paralysis, and have actually been proud my name is on the results, I’ve followed a few general rules. There’s nothing earth-shattering or original in this list—any how-to guide for writing probably goes over these things—but I seem to have to relearn them every damn time anyway, so they may be worth sharing.

Ok, now I’ve just got to remember to re-read this post after my next writing holiday before wasting several frustrating & unproductive days.